Monday, May 25, 2009

The 6th Annual Save Darfur Benefit Concert

This year we have decided that the proceeds will be invested in development initiatives led by the true experts- the people on the ground. Microfinance is a relatively new means of empowering indivisuals, particularly impoverished women by extending the use of financial tools to the poor. 100% of proceeds will go to Kiva and its partners' microlending efforts in Sudan. The event will take place Saturday, August 7th from 12:00pm to 5:00pm at the Bernie King Pavilion Bandstand (206 Nantasket Ave., Hull MA) and it will feature many boston based bands including Gillian Grogan, Brendan Hogan, Tripping Lily, Rhyging, Jake Hill, and the Parkington Sisters.

Darfur activists nationwide believe that 400,000 deaths and the displacement of 2,700,000 innocent civilians should stir the world community to take action. Almost as tragic, perhaps, as the situation in Darfur, is the fact that many Americans remain ignorant of the unequivocal suffering that has spanned over seven years.

But YOU can make a difference.

LEND to entrepreneurs to alleviate poverty. Get your money back or invest it again!

LEARN about the ongoing genocide in Sudan and other human rights atrocities

SPONSOR the show! Get your business name on T-shirts, in the media, or even have the show named after your corporation.



or call 781-335- 1066 with questions

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